When a special project requires specialists

Freedom stationery

Durban, South Africa, 5 September 2017 – Smyth is honored and excited to announce the successful installation of Two new special book sewing machines, specifically developed for Freedom Stationery Ltd.

Established in 1987, Freedom Stationery commits itself to the empowerment and education of youth in South Africa and in the neighboring countries, by producing more than 100 million books every year.
Over the decades the company has invested in new plants and key machinery that have allowed for a wider range of high-quality products, becoming a respected leader in the industry.
Today, with warehousing in excess of 100 000 m² throughout the country and five fully-fledged branches, Freedom Stationary gets even stronger by investing in Smyth finishing solutions.

The Project

Freedom Stationery was eager to find a personalized finishing solution to run 2-up oversized Web printed signatures for the production of sewn books.

In detail, the new special machines had to run 2-up signatures with 600 mm spine size, providing high sewn quality, reliability and consistency.

The aim was to dramatically reduce the costs, taking advantage of both 2-up printing and 2-up Smyth sewing.

The Action

Smyth listened to the Customer’s needs. Indeed, what Customers say is incredibly valuable in order to satisfy their needs. This is particularly true when there are special requirements, as in this case.

By working closely with Freedom Stationery, Smyth organized all the information, expectations, required specs and targets, ordering and prioritizing them.

Communication was the key, and nothing was left to chance. All technical details were in-depth discussed and new ideas previously tested. Then, the new special book sewing machines were designed to make the most of latest technology and expertise built up over decades of experience in the field.

As per Company’s philosophy, Smyth carried out all the production activities in-house to guarantee a level of quality and service at maximum standards. These activities include the design, development, parts manufacturing, assembling, integration and testing of the finishing solution.

The Result

In July 2017 Smyth successfully installed the Two new special book sewing machines for Freedom Stationary in Durban. Since then, our machines are running on three full shifts, six days a week.

More than 5.000.000 signatures with 600 mm spine size have already been sewn. Consistency and reliability have been fully achieved, guarantying the proven high Smyth sewn quality.

Standard production also benefits from fast set-ups and the exceptional versatility of the 4D signatures feeder capable of handling an unparallel range of signature sizes and paper types.

Thank you

We would like to thank Mr. Riyaz Hans, Freedom Stationary Managing Director, for choosing Smyth and for placing the trust in our company for this special project.

We also would like to thank Mr. Mansur Khan, Freedom Stationary Production Manager and all his staff for the collaboration and for the warm welcome to Smyth technicians during the installation.

We are honored for the opportunity to contribute to Freedom Stationery mission “Education for the Nation”. We believe it truly is the beginning of a long and beautiful story.

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