LEGATORIA VARNAVÀ… a story of success!

Reinforcement of 44-year partnership with Smyth

Legatoria Varnavà was founded in Turin, Italy, in the mid-70’s as a small family business, specializing in bookbinding. It was 1973 when Vito Varnavà and his wife Pina decided to join their skills and professional experiences, starting one of the most long-standing and solid companies in the territory.
Vito’s daughters, Antonella and Silvia, have also recently joined the business as a guarantee of continuous family commitment and entrepreneurial spirit.

Nowadays, Legatoria Varnavà occupies an area of 3.000 square meters and employs more than 30 people, offering the greatest possible value in terms of quality, service and punctuality. The company staff is highly skilled in many different binding techniques and processes including saddle stitching, perfect binding and thread sewing, offering a wide range of bookbinding services.

Following a very positive experience that Legatoria Varnavà had in 2003 in investing in a Smyth gathering and sewing system, the company showed renewed confidence in Smyth finishing solutions, installing the new Smyth UNIT: the most compact gathering and sewing line available in the market .

Composed of the Smyth FF-280 4D automatic book sewing machine connected to the 18-double station gatherer, this system will be able to drastically reduce the production costs of the sewn books, fulfilling the production needs of school publishing which represents the company core business.
In particular, the possibility to load one or two signatures in the same gatherer pocket (depending on their size) will allow significant floor space reduction so that only one operator will be needed to run the whole system, reducing costs.

Smyth UNIT comes also equipped with a user-friendly and easy make-ready interface that reduces set-up times, making this solution perfect to satisfy short and medium run production.

Our team thanks Legatoria Vernavà for the trust for choosing us, assuring that we never take this confidence as granted. We will keep working tirelessly towards ensuring that we meet and exceed all our Customers expectations, being proud of having contributed to successful stories.