Smyth serving family businesses: a long tradition of success

In the light of continuous improvement, Multiszolg BT has recently invested in a new Smyth FF-280 4D automatic book sewing machine and in a new Smyth P12 gatherer.

Founded as a family business near Budapest in the early 1990s, the company has evolved into becoming a fully and well-equipped company in the territory, offering competitive and comprehensive solutions for a wide spectrum of printing materials comprising books, magazines, brochures, leaflets, business cards, promotional and marketing publications, office stationery and much more.

Traditionally the core business is composed of books and weekly and monthly newspapers. Today the company is fully independent in the production of hard cover books, managing the complete in-house process from printing to the finishing operation.

Mr. Kajtor, the company owner, states: “Both Smyth new installations are of great help to us. Gathering and sewing are the downstream operations in our production process and before they involved a few activities done by hand. Thanks to this investment, now we are saving labor costs, increasing our performance in terms of quality and output. Simply said, we are faster and more efficient.

At the same time both machine greatly contribute to increase our productivity and that is very important for us. Besides our own jobs, we can also take more lease works which are in great demand in the region.”

Smyth is happy to keep serving successful family businesses. These companies play a large role in the worldwide economies, and we are glad to be in the field with them and our partners.

In this regards, a special thank goes to our official distributor in Hungary, Grimex Magyarország Kft. for their precious contribution and high skilled professionals able to provide punctual and dependable technical assistance.

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