Right to happiness

Right to Happiness

Making normal days special, reading good news to recharge energy but most of all rediscovering the value of solidarity: this is why Smyth s.r.l. decided to support the Dynamo Camp Association.

The Dynamo Camp Association was founded in 2007 and it is the only Italian structure of recreational therapy intended to host children, whose lives are endangered by illness, through playful and sports activities and an experience of relaxation, fun and social relations in a protected natural environment. Dynamo Camp is in fact a camp designed for children suffering from serious and chronic pathologies, mainly onco-haematological, neurological and diabetic ones.

The mission is to offer these children a time of leisure and fun for free and to contribute in developing their trust in their own abilities and potential. Dynamo Camp also offers programmes designed especially for the whole nuclear family and, since 2012, sessions dedicated entirely to healthy brothers and sisters (Sibling camp) in the awareness that the illness does not just affect the sick child, but the whole family. Attending the Camp offers them a chance to talk with others in a similar situation and to live carefree moments far from the chores of daily life.