Paris’ renowned diaries by “Ateliers de Fabrication d’Agendas” are SMYTH sewn.

Even periods marked by constant change and volatility can boast solid reliable businesses. One such example is the group A.F.A.Group Exacompta Clairefontaine, which is a reference point worldwide for producers of diaries, planners, and advertising and promotional materials. The company has been designing and manufacturing its famous “Mignon” and “Agenda moderne” diaries from its headquarters close to Canal Saint-Martin, deep in the heart of Paris, since 1941; products which are then distributed throughout France and to the four corners of the world.

A.F.A. successfully installed its first SMYTH gathering and sewing system model, the “Monoblocco”, in 1998 and renewed its trust in the company in 2017. The new special version of the UNIT gathering and sewing model with its 28 collection gathering stations enabled the company to start double production of its thread sewn bound diaries.

A.F.A. is committed to seeking state-of-art solutions to cater to the needs of its customers. This constant awareness of a changing marketplace was behind its recent decision to ‘retire’ its long-serving “Monoblocco” line after 22 years’ faithful service in favour of the SMYTH UNIT automatic sewing line. The new line was created to meet user requirements and has been up and running for the last few weeks.  Its next generation SMYTH FF-280 automatic book sewing machine is hooked up to twelve specially-designed vertical loading gathering stations to make it well and truly one of a kind.

The new UNIT sewing line is renowned and respected worldwide for both its compactness and adaptability. Floor space requirements can be significantly reduced thanks to the dual signature loading operations in each gathering station. Furthermore, integrating these two operations allows the whole production process to be managed by one single line operator.

SMYTH operates in a market characterised by the need to reduce production costs. New technology and software have allowed the company to develop its sewing line equipped with a simple intuitive “make ready” process that drastically reduces programming and set uptimes.

A.F.A. – Gruppo Exacompta Clairefontaine has always been acknowledged as a supplier of the highest quality products and we are proud of the renewed trust it has placed in the long-term reciprocally-beneficial partnership with both SMYTH and our French technical sales partner, Freccia Machines Services.

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