The RUEDA 99 SL – SMYTH partnership reinforced after 14 years

Enquadernacions Rueda 99 S.L was founded fifty years ago in 1970 as a small family business specialising in book restoration. Originally based on the skilled craftmanship of its owner and founder, Rafael Rueda, the company has built its reputation on commitment and selflessness to grow into one of the oldest and most consolidated printing firms in Granollers, a small municipality on the outskirts of Barcelona.

Enquadernacions Rueda 99 has always stood out for reliability and passion. Over the years these values have been passed on to the next generation, with daughter, Montse, and son-in-law, Antonio guaranteeing the long-term future of the firm. The company’s current 4,000 square meters of surface area gives it the capacity to manage a range of work orders quickly and efficiently whilst guaranteeing the very highest standards of quality, expertise and punctuality.

Following on from the success of the first Smyth F180 4D automatic sewing machine installed in 2006, Rueda recently renewed its trust in our company with the purchase and installation of the Smyth UNIT automatic integrated gathering and sewing line to manage the various needs and entire production of the company’s sewn book blocks.

The line consists of a next-generation SMYTH FF-280 automatic book sewing machine hooked up to 18 vertical loading gathering stations. The line is also equipped with the COURIER device which offers a compactness and adaptability that makes it well and truly unique.

The need for flexibility was fundamental in Rueda’s decision to invest in the “COURIER” integrated sewing line.    The special construction design of this device allows it to take full advantage of the high-volume capacity of the gathering line, whenever required. This, in turn, allows it to feed, automatically, both the in-line FF-280 4D     sewing machine and a second off-line sewing machine – the SMYTH F180 4D – thereby doubling system throughput.

In a market where production costs need to be kept to an absolute minimum, Smyth has managed to develop a sewing line equipped with a simple intuitive “make ready” process that drastically reduces programming and set-up times thanks to the next-generation software and technologies employed in its design.

We are delighted by the choice made by such a well-established and respected customer, the trust it continues to show in our products, and the potential for future growth.