DEMAGO gives the ‘thumbs up’ to SMYTH DX-70 PLUS for its “book on demand” line

DEMAGO d.o.o. has come a long way since its modest beginnings in 2008 as a printing house producing business cards and flyers. Under the shrewd leadership of Dejan and Luka Fajfar, father and son, the company has carried out a planned series of investments over the years that has seen the company quickly become an important reference point in Slovenia for digital printing.

A constant increase in the number of customers and a growing interest in sewn books “on demand” led the company to recently allocate new investment to the very latest SMYTH DX-70 PLUS.

The new folding and sewing line has been up and running for the last few weeks in the new headquarters in Maribor and has the job of dealing with intense seasonal production ramp-ups. The line is ideally suited to manage all small to medium orders for digitally-printed thread-sewn book blocks.

The main benefits to come from installing the new DX-70 PLUS were undoubtedly the savings in both production costs and space. The DX-70 PLUS is highly automated and immediately offers the chance to remove all manual folding and gathering operations and associated labour costs. The line is managed by a single operator and can happily deal with a wide range of formats and any type of production.

The modern-day DEMAGO is a printing house equipped with all the latest prepress, printing and postpress equipment available. It has the expertise and technology to take on the most demanding challenges the publishing market has to offer and we at SMYTH, together with our local sales partner BIZNIS PLUS d.o.o., are proud to accompany it on its journey.

The choice by DEMAGO to introduce the SMYTH DX-70 PLUS line is further, and stronger, confirmation of the growing popularity of the Smyth brand among customers in Central Europe.

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