The Smyth DX-70 PLUS breaks new ground in digital binding in Hungary

Located in Budapest, Hungary, Stanctechnik Digital Kft has grown from its modest beginnings as a small workshop into an extensive plant providing digital printing, binding, finishing, and consulting services. The company bases its corporate responsibility on creating shared value and is proud of its commitment to quality and cutting-edge Hungarian publishing production.

In order to optimize production lead times, and meet the increasingly demanding schedules of manufacturers, the company sought to flank its high-performance printing with digital binding by investing in a digital folding and sewing machine.

The success of the investment is immediately recognizable in its clear tangible benefits for both company and customers. The outstanding quality achieved by the Smyth DX-70 PLUS digital folding and sewing machine has led to increased requests for sewing, while the books themselves are easier to handle and boast far greater robustness. Last but by no means least is the time saving aspect of the Smyth DX-70 PLUS with the sheets emitted by the digital press being immediately folded and sewn.

In the words of the publishing house technical manager, “The introduction of digital sewing for digitally printed books has managed to satisfy our long-standing desire for a high-quality product. These books are durable and easy to handle; an aspect that had previously been of limited success. Since its introduction in July, we have already seen the first products made by digital sewing and the results are really encouraging!”

Our congratulations and thanks must go to Grimex Magyarország Kft for their outstanding job in successfully promoting the benefits of the Smyth DX-70 PLUS digital folding and sewing machine to one of Hungary’s leading players in the field of publishing.

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