Kenya Institute of Education and Smyth Nurture Student Potential

Prof. Charles Ochieng’ Ong’ondo, CEO of KICD, and
Mr. Sajith Shankar, CEO of MFI Document Solutions Ltd.

Dr. Sara Ruto
KICD Chairperson

Should you go to the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) website, your eyes will fall on the words “Professionalism. Team Spirit. Customer Focus”. Three values that represent three strong pillars in today’s complex and uncertain world. Three values that also seem to have been taken directly out Smyth’s own vision statement.  This made it doubly satisfying when we learned that KICD had chosen to invest in our Smyth FF-280 4D Automatic Book Sewing Machine to boost quality and performance.

The KICD dates back to 1957 and was set up by the Kenyan Government to nurture and develop every learner’s potential with the support of educational materials. Over the years this key ministerial department has worked tirelessly to put in place a Gold Standard quality management system to select the best printing and publishing partners; partners that respond to its vision of a skilled and ethical society in a rapidly changing world.

We are proud that KICD has chosen Smyth – with its experience, expertise, and history – to accompany it on its journey. 600 active customers in 65 countries spread over 5 continents testify to the fact that for over 100 years, Smyth has become synonymous with quality and trustworthiness. And the new cutting-edge Smyth FF-280 4D is one more example of the company’s constant drive to achieve the very highest standards in technological advance.

The machine guarantees reliability and compactness, while its next-generation software and technology allows the machine to handle the most complex paper combinations.  Signatures are transported with greater accuracy thanks to the patented feeder, and the integrated lap opener offers maximum versatility with the chance to open overlapped signatures with different back-to-front, and overlap, sizes. Last but not least, a unique locking system positions the opened signature spine on the mobile saddle and ensures perfect stitch centring during the sewing operation.

The Smyth FF-280 4D is another valued addition to the company’s stable of book-sewing, book-binding, and digital-printing finishing solutions, and we are delighted that the meticulous attention to detail that goes into every “Made at Smyth’s” product has been once again recognised and rewarded by such a prestigious customer as KICD.

A big thank-you goes to MFI Document Solutions Ltd for fully supporting KICD in its investment process, promoting the Smyth brand in Kenya, and for sharing the same commitment to delivering superior quality product and exceptional value.