SMYTH DX-70; the perfect fit for Edizioni Simone and short-medium production runs

It is comforting thought that companies like Edizioni Simone play their trade even in years marked by constant upheaval and change.  The current period is far from straightforward, yet the 50-year-old company continues to invest in new technology, digitalize processes, adapt to new business models and stand out as a reference point for the Italian publishing market.

The company’s story dates back to 1968, when a young Prof. Federico del Giudice, founder and university student at the time, began to produce clear concise study texts for exam preparation. Tired of the heavy academic ‘manuals’ of the time, his action would initiate a journey that would gradually transform Edizioni Simone into a leading, and much appreciated, publisher of law books, and study textbooks for both university and public examinations.

The publishing and digital media sector is marked by increasingly unpredictable market dynamics that require books to be on bookstore shelves in the tightest timeframes. Such demanding lead times, in turn, necessitate a streamlined production organization and all the skills and expertise of the company’s eighty-strong workforce.

Edizioni Simone’s recent investment in the new Smyth DX-70 caters to these needs and also satisfies the growing demand for short run printing volumes. In production at the brand-new headquarters in Pozzuoli since December 2020, the folding and thread sewing line has the main task of managing the urgent small-batch digital production runs that would otherwise be unmanageable with traditional printing and finishing methods.

The DX-70 boasts a sizeable automatic stack feeder that can easily handle the B2 (500 x 700 mm) format. High-precision sheet feeding is ensured by a self-adjusting separation head and next-generation suction drum. Single sheets are guided and transported to the cross-fold unit by a double row roller bearing creasing unit. The patented Tri Creaser Fast Fit unit helps prevent the fibres from breaking and ensures quality creasing, even with “album” signatures.

The Dx-70 is also available complete with automatic offset signature feeder for hybrid offset and digital signature book production. Alternatively, the web-fed version of the Dx-70 optimises reel-fed sewn book block production by connecting in line to automatic cutting and unwinding systems.

The immediate benefits of installing the new SMYTH DX-70, in terms of reducing production cycle time and containing costs, are clear. The high level of automation allows production to optimise both book sewing processes and, as a consequence, manpower. In addition, the wide range of formats that can be managed by the machine means just one operator is needed to supervise any kind of publication.

Nowadays, Gruppo Editoriale Simone can count on the expert guidance of not only its founder, but also daughter Nicoletta and CEO Luca Misso. Efficient and modern, its constant in-house training, widespread sales network, and state-of the-art pre-press, printing and finishing equipment make sure its products achieve the very highest standards of excellence and can be enjoyed the length and breadth of Italy.

There is no hiding our delight and satisfaction with the trust a company of such extraordinary calibre and potential as Simone Edizioni srl has placed in our company and in our partners, MC System and Polyedra. We feel sure it is the beginning of a thrilling journey together.

M.C. System is one of Italy’s leading Xerox platinum partner and responsible for the layout of the entire printing line. Xerox Nuvera®288 e Xerox™ PrimeLink™ B9110 are encharged with black and white printing, while the Xerox® Versant™ 180 Multiverse has the job of covering the colour printing. A winning team capable of meeting the demanding needs of Simone Edizioni srl to bring together fast delivery times, small batch runs, technological innovation and, last but not least, digital empowerment.

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