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German digital printer and book manufacturer M. J. Raak GmbH is a logical choice for anyone wishing to print and bind their own high-quality books.

Founded in Frankfurt in 1994, the company is a byword for on-demand tailored book production, as well as specializing in marketing material and labeling. Its state-of-the-art management system optimizes every phase in the production and delivery process, with digital printing and the Web2Print online ordering platform ably supporting operations.

The acquisition of the semiautomatic Smyth DX-50 folding and sewing system in 2019 responded to the increase in book-on-demand production, tighter lead times and a gradual shift from softcover to hardcover sewn-books. This automatic manually-fed modular system specializes in the small-run production of sewn books and catalogues from digitally printed flat sheets, as well as collating into sections and performing automatic thread cutting. Reduced set-up times, fast changeover speed, and user friendliness offered additional benefits for a company beginning its journey in this market segment.

Fast forward eighteen months and the specialised skills of the DX-50 were under pressure from increased volumes and rising orders.  M. J. Raak GmbH and PPL PostPrint Leipzig GmbH, our Smyth dealer for Germany, began the search for a fully automatic folding and sewing system capable of handling increased capacity.

The new DX-70 was a perfect fit.

The DX-70 features a large size pile feeder able to easily handle B2 size sheets (500 x 700 mm). Sheets are accurately driven to sheet alignment via the ball rail table. A Pepperl & Fuchs ultrasonic sensor manages electronic sheet control and detects single sheet thickness to avoid any potential doubles. Two slitter shafts guide each single sheet into the scoring station. Here, the special Tech-ni-fold Tri-Creaser Fast Fit device guarantees the highest possible quality creasing and folding, including landscape format. The sheet plow folding station cross-folds the sheets into “four pages”. Various numbers of 4-page sheets can be inserted in the collating station to achieve signatures made up of different pages in the same book. After being collated, the 4-page sheets are released onto the fix sewing saddle to feed the book sewing machine.

The swift turnkey installation of the DX-70 in March 2021 was a natural evolution in the light of the very positive experience gained with the DX-50, its reliability and a faultless round-the-clock customer care that can be counted on whatever the time of day.

The DX-70 not only guarantees much higher sewing capacity but also keeps manual operations to a minimum. The DX-50 keeps the small batch production ticking over, allowing its big brother to focus on longer runs and combine with sewing operations to produce a truly top-quality finished product.

A big ‘thank you’ Mr. Alexander Raak and his team for continuing to invest in Smyth sewing solutions with the addition of its second machine from the Smyth stable. A special ‘thank you’ must also go to our German dealer, PPL PostPrint Leipzig GmbH, for their expert technical support and swift response time.

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