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Automatic Gathering and Sewing Line

Smyth Concept is the latest in-line gathering and sewing system. It is composed of a horizontal gatherer connected in line with two or more automatic book sewing machine series 4D (FF-250 and FF-280).

This line is distinguished by the patented gatherer that gives the advantage of loading one or two signatures in each gatherer station, depending on their size, drastically reducing the overall need of floor space.

  • Ergonomic and simple design for fast and easy loading and unloading operations

  • Automatic enabling of the gatherer stations for drastic reduction of set-up times
  • Automatic adjustment of the feeding conveyor width that feeds gathered signature blocks to the book sewing machines

Reduced set-up timesReduced set-up times

The simple loading of signatures on the gatherer stations automatically enables their use, drastically reducing the set-up times.
In the same way, the automatic adjustment of the width of the feeding conveyors that transport the gathered signature blocks to the sewing machines, drastically reduces the set-up times.

Signatures doublingSignatures doubling

In the same gatherer station the operator can load signatures having size up to 640 mm or two signatures in sequential order, having head to tail size up to 320 mm.
Therefore, for example, the gathering line composed of 9 stations transforms into a line having 18 stations.
In this way it is possible to double the number of signatures to be collected, reducing the overall need of floor space. As a consequence, the loading / unloading operations are facilitated, reducing the number of operators needed to run the whole system. (Smyth Patent)

Easy restartEasy restart

In case of signature jam, the gatherer finger that transports the signature is automatically released. Once the jam has been removed, the finger automatically repositions itself, making the machine restart easier and faster.

Easy access to sewing machinesEasy access to sewing machines

The easy access to the book sewing machines allows their quick and straightforward use in the off-line mode.

Operator interfaceOperator interface

Programming and diagnostics are performed through OMRON PLC
and a new software designed by the in-house team of Smyth engineers. A colour touch screen is positioned centrally on the book sewing machine and additional touch screens are provided on the gatherer – every 3 (6) stations- , to enable all machine functioning parameters to be checked, together with the setting of the main automatic machine adjustments.

Smyth stacker Easy StackSmyth stacker “Easy Stack”

Smyth Concept is equipped with the stacker that makes piles of sewn books delivered by the sewing machine in order to facilitate the unloading operations. Pile height is programmable up to 120 mm.

Technical data vary according to the model and quantity of book sewing machines connected in line.

Gathering sequence controlGathering sequence control

The gathering sequence control is a self-learning system performed by Omron Camera which is located in the hopper of the book sewing machine. This camera performs the gathering sequence control by reading bar codes, text and images. Thanks to continuous measurements, this system ensures the highest level of control by filtering data and info, preventing false alarms and unnecessary stops.

180° signature rotation system180° signature rotation system

This patented system gives the possibility to automatically match the signatures printed in “Come and Go”, saving the costs of one operator. In addition, this system gives the possibility to double the gathering machine capacity.

Unloading Reverse SystemUnloading Reverse System

Smyth Concept can be supplied complete with the automatic unloading reverse system to facilitate the unloading operation of the sewn book piles towards the gatherer.

Automatic palletizerAutomatic palletizer

The additional benefit of reducing the number of the operators needed to run the whole system comes from the possibility to connect the line to an automatic palletizer.

Modular designModular design

Thanks to the modular design, the number of gathering stations and book sewing machines can be increased even after the installation of the line, satisfying all production requirements.

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