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Automatic Book Sewing Machine

Smyth FF-175 MAGNUM is a special sewing machine for the production of the largest size books. It is able to sew exceptionally large signatures, and it is particularly appreciated by the graphic companies for the production of oversized high quality sewn books. The FF-175 Magnum can be supplied in Automatic or Semi-automatic version.

  • Maximum signature size: 615 (spine) x 440 (width) mm

  • Automatic Feeder equipped with 4 upper + 4 lower openings
  • Lap opening device
  • Swivel Touch Screen monitor, centrally positioned, to enable all machine functioning parameters to be checked from both sides of the machine

  • Automatic opening guards
  • Compact design to enable easy loading / unloading operations.

Stitch position settingStitch position settingIn order to get a precise stitch positioning on the signature spine, it is possible to set the position and stitch length (24 or 32 mm).
Signature locking SystemSignature locking SystemThe mobile saddle is equipped with a precise signature locking system. This system holds the signatures down on the saddle and assures the exact centering of the stitches on the spine, preventing signature rolling.
Reforming systemReforming system

This system consists of a lower and upper wheel. It assures the complete opening of the signature spine for the perfect centering of the sewing stitches.

Automatic feederAutomatic feeder

The automatic signature feeder is equipped with 4 upper + 4 lower openings activated by electronic programmer. It is also possible to sew signatures with overlap up to a minimum size of 10 mm at the same side.

Operator interfaceOperator interface

Programming and diagnostics are performed through OMRON PLC and a new software designed by the in-house team of Smyth engineers. A colour touch screen is positioned centrally to enable all machine functioning parameters to be checked from both sides of the machine, together with the setting of the main automatic machine adjustments.

Signature size: Max 615 (spine) x 440 (width) mm
Min. 75 (spine) x 100 (width) mm (semi-automatic version)
Min. 80 (spine) x 105 (width) mm (automatic version)
Max mechanical speed: 75 cycles/min
Feeder openings: 4 upper + 4 lower
No. of sewing stitches: 14
Sewing stitch length: 24 – 32 mm
Air consumption: Max 200 Nl/min. at 6 bar
Power consumption: 2,5 Kw (semi-automatic version)
3,5 Kw (automatic version)
Standard voltage: 380V – 50Hz three-phase
Total weight: 3400 Kg
Dimensions: 3,50 x 1,40 x H 1,70 mt (semi-automatic version)
3,50 x 1,81 x H 1,70 mt (automatic version)

Book separation deviceBook separation deviceThis device consists of thread cutting knives to separate the sewn books automatically, dropping the books one by one on the exit conveyor. Thanks to this system the book sewing machine can be connected to Smyth stacker.
Visibilità in cucituraSmyth stacker “Easy Stack”It is the stacker that makes piles of sewn books delivered by the sewing machine in order to facilitate the unloading operations. Pile height is programmable up to 120 mm.
Gathering sequence controlGathering sequence control

The gathering sequence control is a self-learning system performed by Omron Camera which is located in the hopper of the book sewing machine. This camera performs the gathering sequence control by reading bar codes, text and images. Thanks to continuous measurements this system ensures the highest level of control by filtering data and info, preventing false alarms and unnecessary stops.

Gauze DeviceGauze Device

The book sewing machine can be equipped with the gauze device to reinforce the book spine during the sewing operation. This device applies the gauze material on the spine of the book block automatically, sewing it together with the book signatures.

Visibilità in cucituraPasting device

It is specifically designed to get higher spine book solidity. It is composed of a pneumatic driven gun that applies a thin cold glue strip. It is controlled via touch screen for accurate glue application and simple operation. The glue system is easy to maintain as it is a self contained pot and does not require daily clean up of the glue tank.
The application of the glue strip is set to be applied on the second and on the last signature of the book. However, the glue strip can also be applied on any combination of signatures or on each signature of the book.

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