The Smyth DX-70 PLUS breaks new ground in digital binding in Hungary

Located in Budapest, Hungary, Stanctechnik Digital Kft has grown from its modest beginnings as a small workshop into an extensive plant providing digital printing, binding, finishing, and consulting services. The company bases its corporate responsibility on creating shared value and is proud of its commitment to quality and cutting-edge Hungarian publishing production. In order to [...]

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DEMAGO gives the ‘thumbs up’ to SMYTH DX-70 PLUS for its “book on demand” line

DEMAGO d.o.o. has come a long way since its modest beginnings in 2008 as a printing house producing business cards and flyers. Under the shrewd leadership of Dejan and Luka Fajfar, father and son, the company has carried out a planned series of investments over the years that has seen the company quickly become an [...]

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The RUEDA 99 SL – SMYTH partnership reinforced after 14 years

Enquadernacions Rueda 99 S.L was founded fifty years ago in 1970 as a small family business specialising in book restoration. Originally based on the skilled craftmanship of its owner and founder, Rafael Rueda, the company has built its reputation on commitment and selflessness to grow into one of the oldest and most consolidated printing firms [...]

Paris’ renowned diaries by “Ateliers de Fabrication d’Agendas” are SMYTH sewn.

Even periods marked by constant change and volatility can boast solid reliable businesses. One such example is the group A.F.A. - Group Exacompta Clairefontaine, which is a reference point worldwide for producers of diaries, planners, and advertising and promotional materials. The company has been designing and manufacturing its famous “Mignon” and “Agenda moderne” diaries from [...]

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Resumption of activities

Dear Customers and Suppliers, We confirm you that Smyth activities run as usual on site. We have implemented all the procedures provided for by the Government Decrees in order to guarantee the safety of our team and carriers. We sincerely thank All of you writing from all over the world to get news on our [...]

Thoughts and reflections in the company of Smyth S.r.l

The Coronavirus emergency and postponement of DRUPA to the following year have made it necessary for companies in general, and the printing industry in particular, to review and revise their industrial planning and budgets. We therefore wanted to take a closer look at some of the issues involved with someone who is witnessing developments in [...]


In compliance with the latest ministerial decree issued by the Italian Government in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, SMYTH Srl wishes to communicate the temporary suspension of operations until April 3. The Company looks forward to a quick resolution of this public health emergency. In the meantime, staff are available via [...]

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Right to happiness

Making normal days special, reading good news to recharge energy but most of all rediscovering the value of solidarity: this is why Smyth s.r.l. decided to support the Dynamo Camp Association. The Dynamo Camp Association was founded in 2007 and it is the only Italian structure of recreational therapy intended to host children, whose lives are [...]