Thoughts and reflections in the company of Smyth S.r.l

The Coronavirus emergency and postponement of DRUPA to the following year have made it necessary for companies in general, and the printing industry in particular, to review and revise their industrial planning and budgets. We therefore wanted to take a closer look at some of the issues involved with someone who is witnessing developments in [...]


In compliance with the latest ministerial decree issued by the Italian Government in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, SMYTH Srl wishes to communicate the temporary suspension of operations until April 3. The Company looks forward to a quick resolution of this public health emergency. In the meantime, staff are available via [...]

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Right to happiness

Making normal days special, reading good news to recharge energy but most of all rediscovering the value of solidarity: this is why Smyth s.r.l. decided to support the Dynamo Camp Association. The Dynamo Camp Association was founded in 2007 and it is the only Italian structure of recreational therapy intended to host children, whose lives are [...]

Smyth serving family businesses: a long tradition of success

In the light of continuous improvement, Multiszolg BT has recently invested in a new Smyth FF-280 4D automatic book sewing machine and in a new Smyth P12 gatherer. Founded as a family business near Budapest in the early 1990s, the company has evolved into becoming a fully and well-equipped company in the territory, offering competitive [...]

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40-Year Passion for Print

Arti Grafiche Srl in Calabria (Southern Italy) is the perfect example of how much passion and acute vision are the basis of the Italian entrepreneurial culture. Founded by Raffaele Cardamone in 1979, the company is a family business where the art of ‘making’ and the virtuous industriousness are handed down from father to son. Raffaele [...]

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Scientology embraces Smyth know-how

California, 15 April 2019 It was our great pleasure to have been able to serve Bridge Publications, Inc, which is in charge with Church of Scientology publications in North America. We developed a unique tailored book sewing machine in what is a highly demanding environment in terms of quality and performance. Smyth dedicated team carried [...]

Smyth and Tecnau: partnering for sewing book-block solution

Launching the new roll-fed folding and sewing system Coniolo, December 4th, 2018 Smyth and Tecnau are launching a new partnership to produce a folding and sewing system with feeding from a continuous roll for digitally printed books and catalogs. The solution unwinds, cut and stacks 4-page and 8-page printed signatures; these are subsequently folded [...]

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