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FF-70 4D

Automatic Book Sewing Machine

SMYTH FF-70 4D is the new automatic book sewing machine specifically designed to produce high quality sewn books, combining easy use and moderate investment.

  • Maximum signature size: 560 (spine) x 350 (width) mm

  • Automatic Feeder equipped with 4 upper + 4 lower openings

  • Signatures transport through a shingled stream to get 50% reduction of the feeder speed to increase the signature contact time with the vacuum openers for greater accuracy and reliability in the signature opening process.

  • Integrated Lap Opener to open signatures with lap (even with variable lap size).

  • 12” Swivel colour Touch Screen for easy info access from both sides of the machine.

Mettifoglio 4D brevettato SmythSmyth Patented Feeder

In Smyth patented feeder the signatures are transported in a shingled stream by means of geared belts. This unique system reduces by 50% the travelling speed of the signature, compared to a conventional transport of a signature at a time. Contact time with the vacuum openers is longer and the special movement of the suction cups ensures a gentle and precise opening of the signature even in presence of porous paper, heavy perforation and static electricity.

The suction cups perform a combined movement

  • Forward movement in the same direction and at the same speed of the signatures to increase the contact time with the paper
  • Rotation movement to gently open the signature edge

For porous paper, Ventura-type openings are also available.
This exclusive system also differs in the signatures oblique position with respect to their forward direction. Thanks to this position the signature corner, opened by the suckers, can be released on a fixed tile securely. Then, the opened signatures are guided, controlled and transported on the fixed saddle.
The shingled stream transport also outweighs the risks of “flying paper” when signatures are transported at high speed (especially with light paper).

Lap OpeneraIntegrated Lap Opener

The Integrated Lap Opener increases the versatility of the feeder. It is ready to work when programmed, and does not require any installation. It provides the possibility to open overlapped signatures having different back to front size and different overlap size.

Sistema di BloccaggioHeading up system

Heading up System of signatures consisting of fix header on the tail side and alignment gripper on the head side. This mechanism further ensures the proper transfer of all types of signatures to the sewing head.

Rotella di lancioKicker wheel

The kicker wheel can be automatically adjusted according to the signature thickness and paper type to allow the optimal feeding of the signature on the mobile saddle.

FormaturaSignature Locking System

The mobile saddle is equipped with a precise signature locking system. This system holds the signatures down on the saddle and assures the exact centering of the stitches on the spine.

Interfaccia operatoreNew pulling out system

The new FF-70 4D comes equipped with a new pulling out system to gently drive the signatures after the sewing cycle.

Interfaccia operatoreBooks delivery

A very compact design enables an easy unloading of the sewn books on the delivery table equipped with a transport system with speed adjustment.

Interfaccia operatoreOperator interface

Programming and Diagnostics are performed through OMRON PLC and a new software designed by the in-house team of Smyth engineers. A swivel 12” color touch screen is placed centrally to enable all machine functioning parameters and automatic adjustments to be set and checked easily from both sides of the machine.

Interfaccia operatoreIn line connection – OFFSET PRINTING

Smyth FF-70 4D book sewing machine is designed to be connected in line with Smyth gathering machines series P12. In other words, this machine can be purchased as a standalone machine and then connected in line even later.
This is possible thanks to the modular design of Smyth gathering and sewing systems mod. UNIT and CONCEPT.

Interfaccia operatoreIn line connection – DIGITAL PRINTING

Even later, Smyth FF-70 4D book sewing machine can also be connected in line with Smyth finishing solutions for digital printing, starting from both flat sheets and reel.

Signature size: Max 520 (spine) x 350 (width) mm
Min. 135 (spine) x 80 (width) mm
Max mechanical speed: 140 cycles/min
Feeder openings: 4 upper + 4 lower + integrated LAP opener
No. of sewing stitches: 12
Sewing stitch length: 24 mm
Air consumption: Max 300 Nl/min. at 6 bar
Power consumption: 5,5 Kw
Standard voltage: 400V – 50Hz three-phase
Total weight: 3000 Kg
Dimensions: 3,10 x 1,95 x H 1,65 mt

Impilatore Easy StackSmyth stacker “Easy Stack”

It is the stacker that makes piles of sewn books delivered by the sewing machine in order to facilitate the unloading operations. Pile height is programmable up to 120 mm.

Sistema di controllo dell’esatta sequenzaGathering sequence control

The gathering sequence control is a self-learning system performed by Omron Camera which is located in the hopper of the book sewing machine. This camera performs the gathering sequence control by reading shapes (text) and colours. Thanks to continuous measurements this system ensures the highest level of control by filtering data and info, preventing false alarms and unnecessary stops.

Dispositivo GarzaPasting device

The pasting device is specifically designed to obtain higher spine book solidity. It is composed of a pneumatic driven gun that applies a thin clod glue strip. It is controlled via touch screen for accurate glue application and simple operation.
The glue system is easy to maintain as it is a self contained pot and does not require daily clean-up of the glue tank.

The application of the glue strip is set to be applied on the second and on the last signature of the book. However, the glue strip can also be applied on any combination of signatures or on each signature of the book.
Dispositivo GarzaHelix device

It is designed to improve reliability of the signature transfer from the feeder to the fixed saddle with any type of signature and any type of paper. This device can be adjusted during the machine set-up, and it keeps the signature open easily.

Impilatore Easy StackIn line connection – OFFSET PRINTING

The FF-70 4D book sewing machine is designed to be connected in line with a Smyth gathering machine series “P12 “.
Thanks to the modular design of Smyth UNIT and CONCEPT gathering and sewing lines, this automatic book sewing machine can be purchased as a standalone machine and then connected in line even later.

Impilatore Easy StackIn line connection – DIGITAL PRINTING

The FF-70 4D book sewing machine can also be connected in line with Smyth finishing solutions for digital printing, starting from both flat sheets and reel.

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