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Folding and sewing system with manual feeding

Smyth DX-50 is an automatic modular system, with manual feeding, that enables the processing of digitally printed flat sheets into sewn books, collating into sections and automatic thread cutting.

It is the ideal solution for the production of sewn books and catalogues composed of 4-page inserted signatures.

  • Only one operator is needed to manage the whole process

  • Extremely easy to use

  • Quick and easy changeovers

  • Cost-effective solution

The system is composed of the Automatic Inserting and Cross Folding station mod. P connected in line with the FX-50 book sewing machine.

Gruppo mod.Pmod.PAutomatic inserting and cross folding station with manual feeding

Smyth Mod.P is composed of a manual feeding slot of digitally printed flat sheets and a cross knife to fold the inserted sheets by means of its vertical movement from bottom to top, preparing the signatures to be sewn. Then, the folded signatures are pressed by two pneumatically driven plates (patented Indexing System) and transferred onto the fix saddle of the book sewing machine.


It is positioned before the folding station and enables combined collating of flat sheets. Then, the sheets are aligned on both sides and transported to the cross knife unit.

Smyth FX-50 – Book sewing machine

Smyth FX-50 is a front and side feeding book sewing machine, specifically designed for short run production.
It is the ideal solution for the Book on-demand, sampling and the production of oversized books due to its capability to sew extremely large signatures up to 510 x 550 mm (front feeding) and 510 x 350 mm (side feeding). This feature is particularly appreciated in the production of art books, photo albums, record books and all high end publications.
The book sewing machine can also be used as a conventional stand alone machine with semi-automatic front and side feeding.

Sheet size: Max 510 x 640 mm
Min. 150 x 180 mm
Signature size: Max 510 (spine) x 350 (width) mm
Min. 125 (spine) x 75 (width) mm
Max mechanical speed: 18 cycles/min.
No. of sewing stitches: 14
Sewing stitch length: 18 mm
Max air consumption: Max 200 Nl/min. at 5 bar
Paper weight: Min. 50 gsm – Max 150 gsm
Power consumption: 1,5 Kw
Standard voltage: 230/400V – 50Hz three-phase
Total weight: 650 Kg
Dimensions: 3,10 x 1.39 x H 1,60 mt
FX-50 Book sewing machine with manual front feeding
Max mechanical speed:
Signature size:
14 cycles/min.
Max 510 (spine) x 550 (width) mm
Min. 125 (spine) x 75 (width) mm
FX-50 Book sewing machine with manual side feeding
Max mechanical speed:
Signature size:
18 cycles/min.
Max 510 (spine) x 350 (width) mm
Min. 125 (spine) x 75 (width) mm

mod.PThe automatic inserting and cross folding station mod.P can also be supplied as a stand alone machine to prepare signatures ready to be perfect bound, saddle stitch and sewn off-line.

mod.P can also be connected to existing Smyth semi-automatic book sewing machines mod. SM14 and SM20. Thanks to this connection, the semi-automatic book sewing machine series SM can turn into automatic machines able to handle short run book production.

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