The Smyth DX-70 PLUS breaks new ground in digital binding in Hungary

Located in Budapest, Hungary, Stanctechnik Digital Kft has grown from its modest beginnings as a small workshop into an extensive plant providing digital printing, binding, finishing, and consulting services. The company bases its corporate responsibility on creating shared value and is proud of its commitment to quality and cutting-edge Hungarian publishing production. In order to [...]

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DEMAGO gives the ‘thumbs up’ to SMYTH DX-70 PLUS for its “book on demand” line

DEMAGO d.o.o. has come a long way since its modest beginnings in 2008 as a printing house producing business cards and flyers. Under the shrewd leadership of Dejan and Luka Fajfar, father and son, the company has carried out a planned series of investments over the years that has seen the company quickly become an [...]

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Smyth Dx-70 Plus also speaks Chinese

A new Smyth Dx-70 Plus, automatic folding and sewing system, has been recently installed at the ChengFang group in Taiyan City in Shanxi province, China. Focused in digital printing services, the ChengFang group chose Smyth DX-70 Plus, developed for digital printing and short/medium runs, to enhance its productivity. “The machine brings a totally different concept [...]

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